New Data Suggests Women Initiate Divorce More Than Men

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Some new data from a study on divorce and non-marital breakups indicate that women initiate nearly 70% of all divorces, based upon a recent survey of over 2000 heterosexual couples.  Strangely, the study also found that in non-marriage relationships, there was no significant difference between the breakups initiated by women or men.


Sociologists believe the reason the study resulted in a high figure for women initiating a divorce but not for non-marital breakups is because the non-marital relationships tend to have more flexibility and adaptability while marriage comes with more baggage, “burdened by outdated expectations and hasn’t evolved to fit current expectations for gender equality.”  The study further noted that women who reported more dissatisfaction in their marriage also reported a loss of independence and controlling husbands as a primary cause of their unhappiness.


While this study seems to offer some insight into the data surrounding divorces, it is difficult to take away anything of substance from it, as it does not take into account the various nuances and differences that differentiate each divorce matter.  For instance, did the study only take into account married partners with no children, with children, or some combination of the two?  What were the financial circumstances of the parties?  Did one party lose their job during the marriage?  Did a partner cheat on the other?  Marriages break down for myriad reasons.  Nonetheless, the study provides some interesting insight into the breakdown of who files for divorce in the marriage.

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