January is Known as Divorce Month — Here’s Why.

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For everything, there is a season. A recent CNBC story highlighted data from theUniversity of Washington finding that divorce filings start to pick up in January — a trend researchers theorized could be fueled by a rough holiday season. Filings peak in March and then again in August, they found, before declining in the fall. The researchers studying court records in the state found a “twin peaks” pattern of divorce filings — in March and August.

“Divorce filings might be driven by what we’re calling a domestic rituals calendar,” said study co-author Brian Serafini, a Ph.D. candidate.

Both the holiday season and summer vacations tend to be expectations-driven times, said Serafini. At-risk couples may be disillusioned if their hoped-for idyllic family vacation was anything but, or come to the conclusion that their differences are in fact irreconcilable.

At our firm, we see clients come in all year round for advice on starting the process. Emotions are often running high, so our approach is to help clients clarify specific goals and establish priorities.  We recognize that family law or other legal matters are sensitive and complex issues. Our firm is committed to delivering results that will protect our clients and their children as they embark on the next chapter of their life following divorce or other family law matters.

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